The orphanage, Maison des Enfants de Dieu, is home to over 60 children, most of whom have been abandoned since the earthquake in January 2010, either by loss of parents, or by birth parents that cannot care for them.

Over two-thirds of the labor force in Haiti do not have formal jobs (CIA World Factbook, 2010). Maison also ministers to the people in Haiti by employing local Haitian men and women to care for the children in the home and to teach in the school.


There is a school for the children from preschool through fourth grade. The school is all taught in English to help prepare children for their adoptive families. Education in Haiti is so sought after that birth parents will go without food for days in hopes to gather enough funding to put their children in school. The hope of education is planted deep in the hearts of Haitian children and those in the orphanage feel very fortunate to receive the education they do.

School is held in classes all day, beginning around 9:00 am and ending around 4:30 pm.


The house is clean and filled with the love of nannies and other caretakers that have a great heart for the children. While the orphanage esthetically is not paradise, it is an oasis of hope for the children.

Each month, due to limited space and financial ability, the orphanage turns away over 80 children whose parents stand in line for sometimes hours to bring their children in because they can not afford to care for them. The extreme poverty and desperation of the birth parents bring them to the gate in hopes of a better future for their children. Turning children away is terribly difficult and the orphanage is so thankful to the families that adopt and those that support the ministry financially!


The Orphanage